Non non monogamy

New lovers name should now be changed to oldlover. He wants to get back with his wife. He cant, but that doesn’t affect the impact it has on me of course. I know we weren’t going out together by any stretch but there was at least something pseudo romantic about our engagement. Its a shift for me and its not pleasant. I haven’t had as … Continue reading Non non monogamy

Men are like buses…

You wait for ages… In all honesty I haven’t waited for ages, and they haven’t all come along at once, but still – at the moment there’s 5 of them. And I feel this is the balance for all those times I had 3 possible dates lined up and they all fell through. Yep – sometimes you’re losing & sometimes…. newlover. He is like, my … Continue reading Men are like buses…

My 3 Casual Dating Criteria

I have 3 criteria for the people I casually date; We are attracted to eachother We are nice to eachother and can communicate (ok maybe that’s 1.5…) They are reliable. For someone I haven’t yet been on a date with I have just ONE criteria; They are reliable. Because quite frankly, someone I’ve been speaking to online is 100% useless to me if that’s all … Continue reading My 3 Casual Dating Criteria

The Orgasm Gap. And some ideas about how to maybe close it…(Censored)

Leading on from the previous post; Female Pleasure – or not, this post explores the Orgasm Gap – as it’s something I wrote about having experienced, and then learned there was a name for it. In this article by Kate Hakala, is says that ‘on average, only 57% of women are having orgasms most or every time they have sex. The National Survey of Sexual Health and … Continue reading The Orgasm Gap. And some ideas about how to maybe close it…(Censored)

Female Pleasure… or not (Censored)

The blurb on my Tinder profile is pretty clear; ‘Straight up kinda gal, looking to meet nice guys for flings… (am I allowed to be that honest on here :)?!)’ I find it works pretty well, I get lots of matches and its genuinely what I’m looking for at the moment, so cuts out a lot of pointless chat and workings out with people who … Continue reading Female Pleasure… or not (Censored)

Turns out I’ll go to quite some lengths for a hook up…! (Censored)

When I was in Ghana in 2000 volunteering, I shaved my legs with a shit razor and sliced some skin off the delicate part just above my left ankle. Yup – OUCH! That fucker bled like crazy. Since then a long time has passed (you do the maths) but I somehow managed to reopen this wound on the exact same spot by…you guessed it! Using … Continue reading Turns out I’ll go to quite some lengths for a hook up…! (Censored)

‘no idea what to call this post’

What’s up with me today? Just don’t have the va va voom, the confidence I did before, the last few days actually. Last week I was let down twice by tinder dates. Really got to me. I had thought ‘Finally! I want EXACTLY what men want to give me!!!’ but turns out noooo, some of them can’t get their shit together enough to even offer … Continue reading ‘no idea what to call this post’

The thing that’s so great….

The thing that is just so great for me about the way I view things now is that all of that stuff – the things people used to say, that they still might say – the ‘old paradigm’ stuff where what I should be ultimately working towards is a partner and probably kids, and anything that isn’t about working towards that is wasting my time … Continue reading The thing that’s so great….

Dick Advisor (Censored)

I decided to invent a new tool (ahem) to go along with Tinder for use by hetero/bi women. Its true that, by and large, we are taught that the man ‘finishing’ is the ultimate goal of hetero sex and marks the ‘end’ of the sexual encounter. You’ll excuse the crass generalising (and thankfully I’m fully aware of how often this ISNT the case!) but Im … Continue reading Dick Advisor (Censored)

Tinder Date 1; Gil, the Israeli, 29 (Censored)

So, I went on my first Tinder date on the weekend. I was scared! But, jeez, what stories I have now! This guy was such a character – more of a caricature actually. We fancied eachother immediately, Chemistry? Yep! And the best kisser… But more of that later. It started in the pub (actually it started with my going to the wrong 4* hotel in … Continue reading Tinder Date 1; Gil, the Israeli, 29 (Censored)