Uncharted Waters

I wish I had been born in a future generation where there are no couples, or at least, it’s not the default, not the expected route – because there are lots of possible routes. There’s less competitiveness because women are equal, and we are all trying to emulate men and masculine qualities much less. Here the patriarchal, consumerist and religious drivers for marriage (and by … Continue reading Uncharted Waters

Internet dating as a woman? Its shit.

I have been online dating now for a relationship since February/March, so for 5-6 months. This latest rejection has been very hard – I do not know if I will do it again. My response is to want to hurt myself, self destruct. Like many women (in particular), painful feelings I experience are directed inwards rather than exploding in outward anger at the person who has … Continue reading Internet dating as a woman? Its shit.

Please CHANGE the Relationship Rhetoric (FFS!)

Having just come back from my brothers (very beautiful, very happy) wedding, I’m caught between two equally legitimate, equally real warring truths; Our aspirations for love, and the reality of life. Of course, as my brothers wedding proves – these can overlap. We can fall in love and marry (if we choose) the person we love and this can be a wonderful and beautiful thing. … Continue reading Please CHANGE the Relationship Rhetoric (FFS!)

Bearing witness to my life

I wonder about my writing a blog as being a way for my life to not go unnoticed. Because much of it, being single, I live by myself. Also my romantic encounters now don’t tend to be part of anything wider – my friends, my family etc, they happen largely in isolation. Its almost as if they don’t happen at all. Of course they do, … Continue reading Bearing witness to my life

Me in a Podcast! About… yup, being single!

I’m so excited by this because; a) Its the first time I’ve been invited to participate in and then actually taken part in a podcast! b) The conversation was SO great! It’s a long-un but stick it on while you’re washing up, there’s some really juicy gems of thought-provoking chat in there. Happy listening 🙂 http://youresinglewegetit.podbean.com/ Also, YSWGI is a fantastic resource for singles which … Continue reading Me in a Podcast! About… yup, being single!

Kids & Joy & Selfish Me

I don’t have the love of children or given my beliefs, won’t be relying on the longevity of a partner relationship to nourish me so, for survival, I need to seek this from elsewhere. Actually the absence of children and a partner to love and love me back means I don’t have the ties and responsibility that go with it, what I have is freedom. … Continue reading Kids & Joy & Selfish Me

Quick thought for the day; it can be nice being single

My last post was super long! So here’s a shorter, somewhat lighter one about the too often overlooked up side of being single. ‘No one ever told me that I would be most happy in my life when I modelled myself on a nun who runs her own cloister and is alone in it…. my life as a nun is a lesson to others, a pure … Continue reading Quick thought for the day; it can be nice being single