Constellations #2: Survival Strategies

There is a part of me, when I look now, that is always hopeless. Always sad. Now that I have seen her I cannot unsee her and I cannot comfort her. She has always been sad and inconsolable which is why I haven’t looked or, at least, lack of being able to ever comfort her means I always have to turn away in the end, … Continue reading Constellations #2: Survival Strategies

Please CHANGE the Relationship Rhetoric (FFS!)

Having just come back from my brothers (very beautiful, very happy) wedding, I’m caught between two equally legitimate, equally real warring truths; Our aspirations for love, and the reality of life. Of course, as my brothers wedding proves – these can overlap. We can fall in love and marry (if we choose) the person we love and this can be a wonderful and beautiful thing. … Continue reading Please CHANGE the Relationship Rhetoric (FFS!)

Rhetoric of Singledom

There’s something really important about the language & rhetoric used to talk about single people. So much of it is so horribly negative – in fact most of it. You might say this is the very reason I am writing this blog, to lend my voice to a different rhetoric around being single, discussing whats good, as well as hard about it – to normalise … Continue reading Rhetoric of Singledom