Not the best day….

My friend date and tinder dates yesterday fell through, it’s raining today, and my (almost fixed) broken toe is aching again just in time for my long anticipated night of dancing this evening. But really I’m incredibly sad. I found out late last night that my ex was in hospital awaiting surgery.  Its likely nothing too serious but I feel disproportionately upset by it, and … Continue reading Not the best day….

Weddings & Shame

Attending a wedding for the first time yesterday since my split from my boyfriend I was nervous of the inevitable pity and associated shaming that would accompany those words and looks from well-meaning family. I was pleasantly surprised on two accounts. Firstly, most of my extended family (who are very traditional in the marriage and kids sense) were amazingly un-pitying, unbothered of my single status … Continue reading Weddings & Shame

Sadness & Grief

I don’t want to underplay the sadness and grief that have been and still sometimes are involved in the break-up of my last relationship. The hardest thing was knowing he was supposed to have been my husband – that’s how I saw our future, and my world came crashing down one morning after holiday, where he started saying things to me – unbelievably hurtful and … Continue reading Sadness & Grief