Weddings & Shame

Attending a wedding for the first time yesterday since my split from my boyfriend I was nervous of the inevitable pity and associated shaming that would accompany those words and looks from well-meaning family. I was pleasantly surprised on two accounts. Firstly, most of my extended family (who are very traditional in the marriage and kids sense) were amazingly un-pitying, unbothered of my single status … Continue reading Weddings & Shame

Rhetoric of Singledom

There’s something really important about the language & rhetoric used to talk about single people. So much of it is so horribly negative – in fact most of it. You might say this is the very reason I am writing this blog, to lend my voice to a different rhetoric around being single, discussing whats good, as well as hard about it – to normalise … Continue reading Rhetoric of Singledom

Not necessarily so

It’s not necessarily true that being in a couple is better, makes you happier than not.  I was quite surprised to learn this (from my own experience) because I just always assumed it was true. And this comes from me  – my friends would describe me as emotionally intelligent, attractive & fun – not a bitter person with unresolved issues about my past loves. Meaning … Continue reading Not necessarily so