Learning is painful. And it takes time.

For almost a whole month I have not written a post. This is a long hiatus – the longest since I began blogging (albeit less than a year ago!). But there is a really good reason for this – I’ve been busy, suddenly with dates and job applications (in my quest to find a co-parent and financial support respectively) for my potential baby (I want a … Continue reading Learning is painful. And it takes time.

Non non monogamy

New lovers name should now be changed to oldlover. He wants to get back with his wife. He cant, but that doesn’t affect the impact it has on me of course. I know we weren’t going out together by any stretch but there was at least something pseudo romantic about our engagement. Its a shift for me and its not pleasant. I haven’t had as … Continue reading Non non monogamy

Practising Letting Go

This wasn’t supposed to happen but I’ve met someone I like. I was supposed to carry on tindering forever, setting up maybe 2 or 3 lovers with whom I could have uncomplicated, satisfying sex and – well, that’s it. But of course that was a naive thing to assume I could achieve given the vagaries of human emotion & attachment. I have to say I … Continue reading Practising Letting Go