My relationship world view; negative or pragmatic?

I realise through my candid discussions with newlover how sad it can be to be confronted with someone else’s ‘new paradigm‘ perspective on romantic relationships, like the one I have. The sadness of what he was saying really hit me the other day when we were talking and I wondered if what I say and the beliefs I explore affect people around me who I … Continue reading My relationship world view; negative or pragmatic?

Kids & Joy & Selfish Me

I don’t have the love of children or given my beliefs, won’t be relying on the longevity of a partner relationship to nourish me so, for survival, I need to seek this from elsewhere. Actually the absence of children and a partner to love and love me back means I don’t have the ties and responsibility that go with it, what I have is freedom. … Continue reading Kids & Joy & Selfish Me

Monogamy? Polyamory? Open Relationship?

If I don’t believe in the fairytale ending, what do I believe in? Another thing – in recognising there is no fairytale ending, how do I set up my life & ensure my own happiness? I still need (we all need) intimacy, companionship, validation, rewarding relationships. So how do I achieve these if it is not through a traditional (for me) man & woman monogamous … Continue reading Monogamy? Polyamory? Open Relationship?