Men are like buses…

You wait for ages… In all honesty I haven’t waited for ages, and they haven’t all come along at once, but still – at the moment there’s 5 of them. And I feel this is the balance for all those times I had 3 possible dates lined up and they all fell through. Yep – sometimes you’re losing & sometimes…. newlover. He is like, my … Continue reading Men are like buses…

Oaxaca Ciudad, Mexico

Oaxaca City = really pretty. Something I noticed since I arrived in Mexico are the bright colours everywhere. Here the colonial houses are painted in beautiful bold colours which contrast dramatically with the bright blue skies. They have amazing mercados (markets), and I wandered into one for some lunch one day – its was a huge indoor space made of comidas (eateries) next to one another … Continue reading Oaxaca Ciudad, Mexico

I took the blue pill…

The below post was written from the very insecure, depressed place of a comedown. I had taken a little something with newlover (the subject of Practising Letting Go), which was really really fun, but unfortunately in payment for this, the very next day my confidence and sense of personal safety decided to pack their bags and slip out post-haste via the back door, only to gradually begin … Continue reading I took the blue pill…

Turns out I’ll go to quite some lengths for a hook up…! (Censored)

When I was in Ghana in 2000 volunteering, I shaved my legs with a shit razor and sliced some skin off the delicate part just above my left ankle. Yup – OUCH! That fucker bled like crazy. Since then a long time has passed (you do the maths) but I somehow managed to reopen this wound on the exact same spot by…you guessed it! Using … Continue reading Turns out I’ll go to quite some lengths for a hook up…! (Censored)

The thing that’s so great….

The thing that is just so great for me about the way I view things now is that all of that stuff – the things people used to say, that they still might say – the ‘old paradigm’ stuff where what I should be ultimately working towards is a partner and probably kids, and anything that isn’t about working towards that is wasting my time … Continue reading The thing that’s so great….

Please help! Social Media addict alert!

I’m still faced with the issue that all the fun I planned is having to be put on hold because of my stupid bloody broken toe. I keep trying to use it and it moans at me so Ive decided to keep off it still even though its been 4 weeks now. I am a dancer (not professional but extremely keen amateur) – and I … Continue reading Please help! Social Media addict alert!

Weddings & Shame

Attending a wedding for the first time yesterday since my split from my boyfriend I was nervous of the inevitable pity and associated shaming that would accompany those words and looks from well-meaning family. I was pleasantly surprised on two accounts. Firstly, most of my extended family (who are very traditional in the marriage and kids sense) were amazingly un-pitying, unbothered of my single status … Continue reading Weddings & Shame

Men, men, men, men, men (oh my!) (Censored)

There may be a shortage of attractive, decent men near my age who ALSO can function emotionally in a relationship. What there isn’t apparently a shortage of, is men my age (or not..!) who are unbelievably attractive and want to have sex with me ?! (well, that’s if my last 2 experiences are anything to go by…no idea if there’s any more to come!). But … Continue reading Men, men, men, men, men (oh my!) (Censored)