Kids & Joy & Selfish Me

I don’t have the love of children or given my beliefs, won’t be relying on the longevity of a partner relationship to nourish me so, for survival, I need to seek this from elsewhere. Actually the absence of children and a partner to love and love me back means I don’t have the ties and responsibility that go with it, what I have is freedom. … Continue reading Kids & Joy & Selfish Me

The thing that’s so great….

The thing that is just so great for me about the way I view things now is that all of that stuff – the things people used to say, that they still might say – the ‘old paradigm’ stuff where what I should be ultimately working towards is a partner and probably kids, and anything that isn’t about working towards that is wasting my time … Continue reading The thing that’s so great….

Dick Advisor (Censored)

I decided to invent a new tool (ahem) to go along with Tinder for use by hetero/bi women. Its true that, by and large, we are taught that the man ‘finishing’ is the ultimate goal of hetero sex and marks the ‘end’ of the sexual encounter. You’ll excuse the crass generalising (and thankfully I’m fully aware of how often this ISNT the case!) but Im … Continue reading Dick Advisor (Censored)

Quick thought for the day; it can be nice being single

My last post was super long! So here’s a shorter, somewhat lighter one about the too often overlooked up side of being single. ‘No one ever told me that I would be most happy in my life when I modelled myself on a nun who runs her own cloister and is alone in it…. my life as a nun is a lesson to others, a pure … Continue reading Quick thought for the day; it can be nice being single

Its not being said enough

There is something that isn’t being said enough, especially in relation to women and how relationships are just not all they’re cracked up to be. I know some people have good relationships, rewarding ones that work, but that’s not been my experience and in many places I see that things are so hard as to be almost not worth it. I had a revelation after I broke … Continue reading Its not being said enough