I was surprised to discover, following the break-up of my last relationship, that beyond the sadness and grief lies something else – something better than I could have expected. I would have thought that in this situation I would have thought my life was over – that I didn’t have a future, that all was lost. This discovery, this realisation is something I’m still just realising now, but it’s in general about the fact that my life without a relationship, in my experience, is better than my life with one. I’m not suggesting at all that this is true for everyone (though I’m sure there are many out there who this will ring true for). For all the hype, pomp and striving for coupledom – I (naively some might think? I don’t know) have discovered that relationships (for me at least and many of my friends) are NOWEHERE NEAR what they are cracked up to be. The reality just hasn’t matched up to the rhetoric.

Not just this, but the point I want to make is also a positive one; that NOT being in a relationship is a perfectly legitimate life choice or situation. Maybe you end up in this situation not through choice like me, or maybe you’ve realised this way before me and are already cool with it.  Right now, single, I’m happier than when I have been in relationships. Well, maybe not all the time but the point is this; I’m about the same level of happy and if my last relationship is anything to go by certainly don’t have to deal with anywhere near as much stress & upset and mainly – life’s just WAY more fun. I’m late 30’s, and I feel like a teenager – except one with self-esteem (which I did not have the fortune of in my actual teenage years). I’m excited, I have all my confidence back, I have my mojo back – and the whole world is out there for me to explore.

I can only talk about my own experience, and this is what I will do in this blog – mine and my reflections on the relationships I see around me. But here is why I wanted to start a blog; I don’t think it’s being said enough – I certainly didn’t hear it before I realised it – that being a single female (I especially want this to be said more on behalf of  women) can be not only legitimate however long you do it for, but a whole lotta fun too… 😉

To hear more about where I’m coming from with this, what motivates me to write this blog, take a look at these posts;

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