Dating profiles – less is more

Its best to leave your dating profile blurb pretty sparse in my opinion. The fact is people see your pictures and project a fantasy of you onto you which may or may not exist in reality. And why not let them? People hang onto these projected fantasies long after any relationship has begun, until such a point as reality hits in maybe a few months or even years down the line and they are disappointed and hurt that you haven’t turned out to be everything they projected onto you.

Its not such a terrible thing – this is the way of romantic love after all. And it serves an evolutionary purpose – the survival of the species, to create babies; to find someone you think is so awesome you just have to create babies with them. This ‘madness’ that is love. Its a beautiful thing, and for some I suppose it does last – changes sure, but the love can last. For most though, it is too much to overcome the disappointment that your ‘everything’ is not the entirely wondrous human you had them down for.

There is no need to be depressed about this, although it can be such a painful experience to go through – I’m not sure if its big or small comfort to know it is just the way of most relationships. Maybe having an awareness of it can help though, because you kind of expect it and don’t take it so personally (like I used to, like so many people do) when things go wrong.

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