Men are like buses…

You wait for ages…

In all honesty I haven’t waited for ages, and they haven’t all come along at once, but still – at the moment there’s 5 of them.

And I feel this is the balance for all those times I had 3 possible dates lined up and they all fell through. Yep – sometimes you’re losing & sometimes….

  1. newlover. He is like, my main man at the moment – though he’s not my man. We like eachother, he’s going through some rough stuff with his divorce. We are currently buddies, but – well I don’t know what we are. I know we have a good time together, we both like what we have, and I hope we will always be buddies in one form or another.
  2. Italian tantra. Does what it says on the tin; Italian, wants me to be his tantric partner! We’ve tried this and good as it was I’m not sure I want to do it for 7 hours at a time… he writes bad poetry. But he is very sweet, caring and attentive. Yes, will be booking him in again shortly.
  3. The young Mexican. He’s half Mexican, and rather young – not quite 10 years my junior… Been on one drink only date, he’s pretty keen for another. Gotta love a young’un!
  4. Get the Greek. Now this guy has good genes – olive skin, dark curly hair. Our babies would be so cute! And in fact, because I don’t give a shit I told him on the first date I wanted to have a baby (theoretically, not necessarily his!). He wants to see me again. Good sign?! Not sure. Though he moved a bit fast for my liking to ‘lets meet in a darkened room’ next time…. got my instincts bristling. I shall offer him pub again to double check and if he’s not keen, well, I’m pretty busy anyway.
  5. The lovely Barcelonian. OK so this is quite exciting – not tinder, met him dancing. I’ve known him a little while but mainly to dance with (which we love to do together). I asked him out as, well, I really fancy him and I’m pretty sure he does me. He said yes in any case. Now this is potential baby father material…though I haven’t broached it with him yet, thought I’d try to ease him in gently with this one (so to speak). As the Greek said to me, ‘err, I wouldn’t put that on your tinder profile. Don’t want to scare them off!’. (Though as I said back to him, it doesn’t matter if that scares them off does it? Makes my search faster!).*
    *2- 5:no one can accuse me of not trying to do my bit for Europe!

There are then some others I’ve yet to set up dates with – these are from the serious baby father website I’m on. Really don’t know when I’m going to fit them all in!

May have bitten off more than I can chew.

Amazing what a frenzy you can knock up when you want something and start experimenting with telling people about it!

Again, importantly for all of this I’m relatively relaxed about the outcome – it may not work with any of them, but having a broader mission (i.e. a baby) whether it happens or not, really helps release me from the pressure of the process, and I seem to be really getting a lot of success with it! I’m sure there’s a useful anecdote in there somewhere though I’m buggered if I can work out what it is….

Plan to have or pretend you want a baby and you’ll get loads of dates?! Yeah, maybe not the  best dating advice I’ve ever given…

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