Zipolite, Mexico

They say a picture paints a thousand words… well see below for my 18,000 word essay on Zipolite, Mexico. Its chilled, friendly, there’s good food (on the whole..) and you can swim naked in the sea without feeling (too!) self conscious (who knew nudists beaches were so easy going?!). I was there during a quiet period which probably helped, it could get crazy at busier times I would have thought – but also would have more of a party atmosphere which would be nice too. In a nutshell – go there.

One word of warning, the sun is very strong – stronger than I realised and unfortunately my last day or so was spent recovering from a severe but brief bout of sun stroke. Thank goodness for the kindness of my lovely hostel host, who came to check on me, made me tea and brought my dry toast. Such kindness when I most needed it; sick, travelling alone, dealing with some sad news from home, and not really yet recovered from my long journey from the UK.

Anyway, I managed to enjoy the place quite well before all that happened!






One of 3 dogs like this (a mum, dad and son) in the hostel I was in. Adorably friendly and ugly in equal measure!!

These nuts were delicious bags of deliciousness! Just spicy enough, with some other herbs and salt on them, perfect with a cold Corona. Sold by a woman walking past with an enormous straw bowl of them balanced on her head, I’m pretty sure I was stung at about £2.50 – but its my fault for not being able to understand numbers & haggle in Spanish yet!



On food – I’ll admit I’ve not had massive success with the food so far, these were the best tacos I had – otherwise I’m afraid I don’t think I like tacos that much (shock horror!). I think its because I’m veggie (ish – eat fish) – you kind of miss out on the best of Mexican food if you are unfortunately. And the Oaxaca cheese is not nice – very stringy, too salty and a bit tough (a little in a taco is OK…and I love the green & brown chilli sauces they serve with it).

But when the food is good, its really good. Give me Huevos Racheros or a pancake & fruit breakfast anyday…(looove that papaya, and they also serve amazing fresh mixed juices). I also had a delicious tortilla soup with smokey spices in it – my first meal after just eating toast recovering from sunstroke – did the job!






Eating my fruit pancakes at the above glorious spot, I looked down to see this ‘little’ beast of a lizard catching some rays. He must have been almost as long as my arm! Amazing! I felt like I was channeling Attenborough.



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