My 3 Casual Dating Criteria

I have 3 criteria for the people I casually date;

  1. We are attracted to eachother
  2. We are nice to eachother and can communicate (ok maybe that’s 1.5…)
  3. They are reliable.

For someone I haven’t yet been on a date with I have just ONE criteria;

  1. They are reliable.

Because quite frankly, someone I’ve been speaking to online is 100% useless to me if that’s all it is – if they don’t actually manage to get to a date with me. There have been too many who talk the talk and then e.g. cancel a date at the last minute. I’m sorry but that’s just rude, assuming I don’t have anything better to do but sit there with my finger up my arse. Actually….

I’m kidding of course; I’ll now in fact be sitting in my tracky b’s, stuffing my face & watching a film but the point is this – there’s almost no point speaking to someone if they are going to do that – what a waste of my bleedin time!

Can you tell that this has JUST happened to me?!

Cartoon sick boy head with thermometer scarf and ice bag

He said he was sick, which – well, maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t I don’t know – we hadn’t even met yet. I suppose time will tell. But for now I’m a little bit peeved….

Still, I can’t be too sad, ‘cos in other news (which I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned yet :p) I’m getting on a plane to Mexico on Monday! Whoop!


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