Diesel the Dog

One of the best things about being in London is that I get to hang out with my mums dog, Diesel.

Missing all the walking I did in Leeds, I volunteer to take Diesel on walks most days.

We walk down by the brook near mum’s house, immersed in nature, passing beautiful sights as we go.

In the summer time…


And in the autumn… (such vibrant autumn colours this year!)

026      img_0287

Diesel is so sweet, he looks like a puppy but is actually about 10! People always comment on how cute he is and kids love him. And he is such a friendly little thing, I love to spend time with him (and I suspect he quite likes me too…). Funnily he is camera shy! If you point the camera at him to snap him looking all cute and puppy like, he usually gets up and walks away – hilarious! However, I can get shots of him when he’s not looking…


and there was this one he didn’t seem to mind me taking…


One of the best things is that walking like this clears my head. I can feel the blood start to pump upwards to my brain slowly waking it up and PING! More ideas – things I’d thought of before but I had forgotten that I want to write about mostly, and for this I am so grateful. It’s the space, the fresh air, the tranquillity of the trees and the babbling brook and the brisk pace of my walk that wakes me up in this way.

And that’s a space I learned to create, by initially leaving my stressful project management job & London life behind – scary but in that space I found thoughts coming to my mind, and words, and the compulsion to express them, be true to them in telling the essence of them – to paint a picture with the words, that captures the essence of the thoughts in my head. It’s amazing what has flooded in to fill that space I created – I never imagined I would end up writing a blog!

And I love that I have. Now I always have a friend to tell – it is so comforting. I didn’t know when I created the space that that’s what would happen but it did.

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