The Blogger Recognition Award & The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

I am lucky enough this week to have been nominated for 2 more awards!

Being new to this, I was a little confused what this actually meant – when is the winner announced, how do they receive their award etc, but a little research reveals these are blogger peer awards, that bloggers give out to eachother, which is a lovely idea.

As such, if you are nominated, you got the award!  Its explained well here;

The Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated (again! :)) by  for the Blogger Recognition Award.

The Rules

  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  4. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to them

How SingleFemaleBlog Came About

As detailed on my About page, I had a revelation after the break up of my last relationship and really felt;
a) I had something to say about it
b) I wanted to find out if there were others out there, who felt the same as me.
And hence SingleFemaleBlog was born!

Advice for [New] Bloggers
I too am a new blogger (since end of July 2016) but here are some things I’ve learned.

  1. I find my best posts come when I just start writing not worrying about how it sounds, then go back later or another day to edit. In fact I find when I do this, though I think I will be changing alot I end up editing very little – because what comes out first is usually exactly what you think, and its your voice, which is what your blog should be.
  2. Dont panic! when I first entered the blogging world I got a bit overwhelmed thinking, how do I get followers? How often do i need to post? How do I work this thing?? And other such concerns. Which was odd as lots of followers wasn’t my overall aim (and still isnt) though it is nice to be recognised and if like me, you want to find like minded people, its important. Also, trust that in time you will learn the ropes – the tehcnical stuff aswell as how to access your audience.

Thank You

Thank you BEXoxoBlog for nominating me for this award – and the second in a row! You are truly a gem 🙂 You should check out Bex’s blog, hear her story, get to wonder at her strength and bravery. I’m so keen to support and promote women’s stories of abuse, and how they have come/are working their way through them. This is a sobering reminder of how blogging can be so important for women to have a voice and an outlet for the abuse they have suffered, and to be supported in this.


I’m afraid I don’t know enough blogs to have nominated a full 25 or something that the 3 awards this week require of me! I’m keen to promote blogs I genuinely have read and think are great.

PLUS due to not being completely technically savvy enough with this WordPress business yet, I accidentally deleted a whole page of blogs I follow! Very disappointed about this. One in particular I remember was a guy dealing with Bipolar disorder, anyone else follow someone like this and can remind me his blog address??;

In any case, my nominees are;

How Daisy Does It        What Katy Did Next      the happy goose blog 

The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader.”

I love the concept of this award! As a blogger with less than 50 followers I definitely qualify! Thank you Confessions of a Reborn Girl for the nomination!


Questions for me were;

  1. Who’s your favorite singer/band right now? Sharon Van Etten
  2. Where do you get the inspiration for your blog from? From my past relationships, and the ones I see around me. From experiencing living my life as a happy single person for the first time.
  3. What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Just as Im doing now – sit in my bed drinking tea, writing my blog!

Questions for my nomiees are;

  1. What is your favourite TV show at the moment?
  2. Whats your favourite animal?
  3. Tell us one thing about yourself completely unrelated to your blog.

My nomiees are:

An Accidental Anarchist    dbestptsdblog

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