Please help! Social Media addict alert!

I’m still faced with the issue that all the fun I planned is having to be put on hold because of my stupid bloody broken toe. I keep trying to use it and it moans at me so Ive decided to keep off it still even though its been 4 weeks now.

I am a dancer (not professional but extremely keen amateur) – and I haven’t danced for a month! That may not sound like a lot but when its your favourite thing in the world and you cant do it – at a time where you really need distraction and fun – its pretty shit let me tell you. Also (and more importantly) what about all those (very lucky, ahem) men I promised myself I would go out searching for & pursue?! Dang and double dang.

So, to deal with this predicament I decided to distract myself by signing up for & re-opening as many social media accounts as I could possibly think of – well that’s the obvious thing to do isn’t it? Oh, and by checking them obsessively of course. And so far its working a treat.

A new follower on Twitter? Here comes the endorphin rush I would otherwise get from dancing!

Matched with someone nearby & hot on Tinder? Yes! So excited for us to not send any messages to eachother (as per Tinder etiquette).

IMG_9675        IMG_9678







Even as I write this I get a little rush at the thought of stopping mid blog to go and check all my accounts. The thought makes me feel delighted and dirty in equal measure – I think I need help.

Or maybe I just need to not have a broken toe anymore so I can ACTUALLY go out and have some real live experiences… because what the hell will I blog, tweet & Instagram about otherwise eh?

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