Please understand if I am a little more selfish than you would like me to be, because what you see is me, surviving my circumstance. It’s not being single in and of itself that causes me to have to be this way, but the way I am ranked and judged in society. For what value is there in a life for me being single, whilst people around me are not (happy or not, who knows), and whilst those people assume the ultimate goal of my life is to be partnered up as they are (happy or not) having to be with amongst/ around these people that just don’t get it – have never even thought to challenge it.

The value I find is in my freedom – in being able to do whatever I want. This is what I get from my situation. I have to deal with being shamed everyday either directly or indirectly, but I have this and you don’t – I can go away at a moment’s notice without asking anyone, I can meet new people all the time, in all sorts of countries, I can learn new languages and have so many adventures that you can only dream of.

So forgive me if I’m just not that interested in caring for grandma, in your couples dinner parties, in your kids 2nd birthday party. Though it may not look like yours, or how you think it should look – I’ve got my life to live too.

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9 thoughts on ““Selfish”

  1. I have only just come across your blog but I am so glad I have. Your blog is something I can relate to and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I’m following you so that I can read more.

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  2. I miss the freedom of being single very much. I don’t understand why some people seem to judge singles or think they are unhappy not being in a relationship. I always stick up for my single friends. If someone judges them or feels sorry for them I always remind them about the chains that surround us non single folk. I always tell my single friends that I sometimes envy the freedom they have and to make the most of it and not give thought to what other people may think!

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  3. Thank you so much for your comments. And for sticking up for us singles! I am the same when Im in a relationship, am so wary as I know fully well how it is to be single – we’re all just people with the same emotions, worries and fears at the end of the day.


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