Injuries; They Number 3

The issue with being in pursuit of constant fun is that (depending on what kind of fun you’re after) you kind of need a fit and healthy body to go and get it. As if to remind me of this fact, life has recently decided to throw me a few practical jokes.

Injury Number 1: Broken Toe

First, a few days before my planned trip to Barcelona, I slipped on the stairs, fell with all my weight on my big toe and it snapped. I didn’t know it was broken at the time and drove to the hospital just to get it checked out – to get the all clear, or so I thought…

“That’s a pretty nasty fracture” the nurse said.

“Ah, OK – so when will I be able to walk again?” I asked (completely not there yet).

“You need to keep off it completely for the time being”.

“Right.. I’ve got a [FUN HAPPY CRAZY MEET NEW PEOPLE TIME] holiday planned next week, and a free cycle tour of the city someone offered me on couch surfing, will I be OK for that?”.

“……You cant use it right now. Here, use these crutches (please pay £15 for them on your way out)”.

“Err, OK so my friends will also be in Barcelona for a Lesbian festival and they want me to go Lesbian dancing with them [I don’t know what that is but really want to do it], will I be OK for that”.

“…[disbelief at my incredulity] No. You cant do that. You cant do anything – you cant use it for the foreseeable future.”

Me; (thinks) Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! (and actually cries and unfairly directs hateful feelings towards nurse in question).

So I’ve been dealing with that for a few weeks.

I generally am someone who NEEDS my exercise, and I dance – I love it, and at the moment I am just pretending it doesn’t exist so I don’t miss it too much (that ‘veil’ comes in quite handy at times). As such I decided to use the crutches to my advantage – “I’ll just get a really buff upper body in the meantime! I’ve always wanted that!”.
That how I ended up meeting with…

Injury Number 2: Pulled Neck Muscle

So I really went for it with the crutches. My biceps started to build (great!) but what with that, going too hard with the cardio chair exercises I found online (I NEED them endorphins), plus not noticing sitting with my shoulders by my ears whilst in the flow writing my blog, led to injury number 2 – pulled neck muscle. So painful I had to lift my head with my hands whilst horizontal! Pulled muscles always seem to take so much longer than necessary to get better, don’t they?! Couldn’t look to my right for a good few days.

As it started to ease off I took a trip see some good friends for their anniversary party. This led to ….

Injury Number 3: Wasp Sting

Attending the anniversary party, the main event (I thought) would be dealing with seeing my ex for the first time since I left the city I moved to, to live with him. But oh no. It was in fact, seeing my ex for the first time whilst sporting a broken toe, pulled neck muscles PLUS the sudden (mid party) searing, throbbing pain of a wasp sting. Wasp stings are POTENT! Such power in the tiny buggers! I don’t remember the last time I had such acute sharp pain. And it doesn’t just go and thats it – firstly it stays for way too long, hours – starts calming down and you think its going but no! So much as an accidental stroke in the sting area, or god forbid getting water on it and the poison (which is apparently sitting in there waiting to pounce) jumps up and stings you all over again! Eeeevil. It happened 3 days ago and its not completely gone –though now thankfully its reduced to an occasional itch.

They say bad things come in 3’s. I hope that’s true… and I have used the extra time on my arse to focus on blogging (thats a plus) and learning Spanish (could come in handy).
Oh, and I will still MOST DEFINITELY be taking a trip to Barcelona sometime soon.

I don’t give up that easy.

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