Something I discovered on a recent trip away, purely by accident, purely by ending up having immense amounts of fun (towards the end of my trip), was that fun is a true antidote to sadness. I know, I say it like I’m the first person to discover it, but it genuinely came as a surprise to me. I suppose what surprised me was that it wasn’t just covering up sadness (as I have felt it to previously) but it was a genuine antidote – like a cure. Of course its not a cure in that the sadness never comes back, but genuinely, for a while, I felt happy again.

So my pursuit now is one of fun, and intrigue, and new experiences, which, as I discovered, are all out there for the taking. Yes the gorgeous men thing surprised me – just that those experiences were SO great – but I’m talking all kinds of fun, not just that kind. Fun & adventures start popping up all over the place when you keep an eye out for them. And maybe some creativity springs from this and well, that’s just a great outcome – the world is your oyster then. If you do start to look, and you’re open to it, it turns out you can find fun & adventures in all sorts of places.

For example, I wouldn’t have had the thoughts, experiences, conviction, and time to have started this blog, which for me is fun, as well as being an important outlet and constructive activity when there is currently little else to structure my life around.  An unexpected joy of blogging also that I have recently discovered (as I’ve only been doing it a few weeks) is that I’m beginning to find others who like some of what I write, and perhaps whose experiences chime with my own. Suddenly it doesn’t feel such a lonely pursuit, and I am finding comrades in my emerging ideas, when in my physical life these can seem few and far between; I’m finding my online friends.

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