Men, men, men, men, men (oh my!) (Censored)

There may be a shortage of attractive, decent men near my age who ALSO can function emotionally in a relationship. What there isn’t apparently a shortage of, is men my age (or not..!) who are unbelievably attractive and want to have sex with me ?! (well, that’s if my last 2 experiences are anything to go by…no idea if there’s any more to come!).

But it can only be a good thing. In fact let me tell you now, it’s a fantastic thing! 2 days ago I met with the most gorgeous guy who was definitely way out my league… or not it appears (*perplexed expression*).. Anyway he was South American, younger, gorgeous and stupidly cool – basically to me like a fucking rock star. So that was the best thing about that – shame I was a little… too… tipsy when we met  (I don’t get drunk much anymore, honest!). Not like the one before, an older Spanish guy who I would have thought was also out my league. The thing about him was that was that it was 100% chemistry – and well, what a welcome guest that kind of experience is after the torment of a relationship break up.

These experiences are the main things recently that have reminded me life & fun are out there for the taking. In terms of an antidote to sadness, this kind of thing can definitely help. You cant really make it happen unfortunately (I wasn’t looking for or expecting either of these experiences), but sometimes, when your lucks in and you’re keeping an open mind to where your night or day will take you – it just does*.
*Also beer helped a lot with the South American dude.

The other, really important thing is that they were both nice to me – I know that should be a given, but it’s not. It’s a hazard sleeping with someone you only just met. When I used to do this kind of thing when I was younger there were some who turned out to be just not that nice – not awful, but not that nice. I’m more choosy now I think – the fact is now I don’t need any of this for validation like I did before so it’s fun- I can take it or leave it (I know if I leave it I can have other types of fun), and crucially am in a position where I would definitely rather not have any sex at all (or any kind of physical intimacy) if it means compromising myself in any way. So, this time round its fun, and definitely better than ending up not having sex whilst in a relationship, as can so often be the case.


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