It’s often a falsehood to suggest that you will be lonelier without a partner. In my experience, the loneliness I experienced in that year of living with my partner was at times pretty damn awful. Sure, I’ve been lonely without a partner too (very, horribly – but that’s because I assumed having a partner would fix this). But just after I came out of my last relationship one of the things that went through my head was ‘there’s worse things than being single’. Some things my bloke just wasn’t capable of and he managed to make me feel really shit a lot of the time, but there was so much I loved about him, we had great times together (even during that often difficult year of living together). The first 1.5 years were brilliant; we were completely in love. So, what am I trying to say..? Don’t let the ‘loneliness fear mongering’ get to you – its not a given you wont be lonely inside of a relationship, its certainly not a fix-all, and I find being single, I tend to (at the moment at least) have more people about, not less, and more time for my friends (who completely rock my world).

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